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Nobody should be worried about their car spontaneously disappearing, especially when they know for a fact they have no car debt at all. Unfortunately for Tina Wheeler, that’s exactly what she worries about. In January of last year, Tina Wheeler’s Toyota Corolla vanished from her driveway without a  trace. Panicked, Tina called the police to report a stolen car only to be informed that her car had a repossession order on it. This came as a shock to Tina because she knew for a fact she had already paid her car note and there was no outstanding debt.

ABC Action News contacted the tow truck company that took Tina’s car and were told that their client sent out a repo order but closed the case the same day. They also claimed that they never took the car but Tina had an empty driveway with drag marks on it that disproved that. There is no way that the repossession could have been accidental because tow truck drivers are required to check the license plate, VIN number, and take pictures for verification. When Wheeler finally got her car back it was in terrible condition. According to her, her seats were stained, her battery was dead, there were scratches on the car, a nail was in one of the tires, and there were dead roaches on the floor.

Tina was willing to write this incident off as an honest mistake when she was informed there was a repo order out on a similar 4 door Corolla with a similar license plate number and VIN, but then it happened again. In November, Tina’s car was taken again, this time from the parking of her workplace. Tina’s bank stepped in and provided documents stating she was actually ahead on her payments and they don’t even have a contract with the company that repossessed her car.

Tina says that she is now afraid that whenever she leaves her car parked outside it won’t be there when she goes back outside. One time may be an accident, but two times is no coincidence. At Young’s Law Firm, we won’t stand for this kind of behavior and are here for you should you decide to take your grievances to court!

Source: Michael Paluska; ABC Action News

Written By:

Julian Sweeney; Young’s Law Firm Legal Assistant


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