Apopka Property Litigation Attorney

Property litigation attorney specializes in handling legal disputes related to real estate and property matters.

Apopka Property Litigation Attorney

Whether you are facing tenant/landlord disputes, construction litigation, property disputes, including but not limited to partition actions, having a conscientious and diligent attorney by your side is indispensable.

Breach of Contract in Florida Real Estate:

When a purchaser or buyer fails to fulfill its contractual terms and conditions in a real estate transaction, Florida Law governs these breaches of contract between the parties. Both the terms and conditions of the real estate and Florida law play a pivotal role in the outcome of the litigants’ claim.

Lease Disputes in Florida:

Evictions are governed by Chapter 83 of Florida Statutes. For landlords, evictions can somewhat be complex where a lawsuit must be executed properly. If not done properly, an eviction can be substantially delayed or even be completely thwarted e.g., defective notices, adding fees that are not allowed, failure to add statutory language, etc. For Tenants, failing to timely file your defenses to a lawsuit can quickly lead to an eviction or other negative legal consequences.

Sometimes taking preventive measures such as drafting the lease the right way the first time around, may ultimately lead you from winning or losing a lease dispute, here in Florida.

Construction Litigation in Florida:

Working with Florida’s construction industry could often lead to disputes involving construction defects, delays, and contract disputes. Understanding Florida’s construction law includes but is not limited to such topics as lien laws, building codes etc. Additionally, understanding the aspect of the litigation process such as expert witnesses, mediation and statute of limitations may play a pivotal role in your construction litigation matter. Other topics of interest also may include boundary disputes, boundary disputes, co-ownership disagreements, partition actions, and etc.

Partition Litigation in Florida:

A partition action is a legal process used to divide or sell jointly-owned property when co-owners cannot agree on its use, sale, or division. This legal action helps resolve disputes and ensures each owner’s fair share of the property’s value.

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Meet Young B. Kim

He was born and raised in beautiful Long Beach, California. However, he has been living in Apopka, Florida, where his family made it his home three decades ago.

Young B. Kim is a Criminal Defense Attorney located in Apopka, Florida. Young’s Law Firm, P.A. focuses on Criminal Defense, Probate Administration, Property, and Estate Litigation.

He has a degree in political science from the University of Central Florida, A master’s degree in political science at Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet (This is a university in Freiburg, Germany, all before graduating with a Juris Doctor from Florida A&M University College of Law).

In addition to his legal pursuits, he immersed himself in the Master’s of Fine Arts Film Program at the renowned City College of New York, which counts Woody Allen among its alumni.

His varied education has helped in creating his broad perspective and making him into the open-minded individual he is today.

Young B. Kim


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