Your case is in the right hands at Young’s Law Firm, P.A.. Attorney Young Kim pays attention to the details, aspires to do obtain the best legal representation possible and will thoroughly and competently represent you throughout the entire legal process. Whether you’re facing a criminal defense charge, lawsuit because of an outstanding debt, or need a lawyer to draft a will/trust or probate a will, you can rely on attorney Young Kim.

Wills, Trusts & Probate

Estate Planning

Life can pass you by in a blink of an eye. Even though sometimes, we should experience our lives to its fullest, each and every day, a small break from your daily schedule may assure that you leave your loved ones with the financial security that they will remember you for. Putting your wishes on how your estate will be devised may be complicated and complex. You want to draft your own will, but you want to do it correctly. Drafting a will on your own may lead to more serious problems such as your local probate judge unable to enforce the contents of your will. But even worse, your local probate judge enforcing your will according to State and not according to your wishes. Your will falls asunder. What now! It is too late. Don’t let this happen to you. Your loved ones will deserve better. They will remember your kindness because you took a small amount of time out of your daily schedule to leave them with your wishes in a properly drafted testamentary document, whether it be a will or a testamentary trust.

Testamentary Trust

Wills are indeed the most basic method of devising your will. You want to draft your will now and cost-effectively. But did you know that there is a way to only pay your attorney once? Because a testamentary trust, once you have an executed testamentary trust and appoint a Trustee, you can entrust your Trustee to devise your wishes immediately upon your passing. That means that you don’t have to pay your attorney a second time around to probate your wishes in a probate court. Drafting is just one step towards completing life-changing task of planning for your estate. You also have to think about how you wish to be taken care of and designating someone you trust or love once you are unable to make those decisions if you become incapacitated. You can have some piece of mind that you can plan out these decisions as well. With the combination of a living will and a designation of healthcare surrogacy, you will be able to remove life-sustaining treatment,

Criminal Defense

Finding Your Attorney

Have you conducted a google search for criminal defense attorney? And once your search has completed its query, you end up obtaining hundreds of criminal defense attorneys. So how on earth do you whittle down your search to find just the right criminal defense attorney for you?

    Here’s a checklist where you can start. You should ask yourself these questions: does your criminal defense attorney:
  • possess strong negotiation skills;
  • possess strong presentation and oratory skills;
  • charge you a reasonable fees to handle your matter;
  • provide you with frank and honest legal opinions regarding your case;
  • pay close attention to details of your case;
  • motivated to provide you with the best possible legal representation;
  • possess a good working knowledge of the law; and
  • posses a long history of experience?
A high score in each of these areas is a good indication that you found the right attorney to handle your criminal defense matter. Attorney Young Kim reasonably scores pretty high in many of these areas listed on this very checklist. Rather than arguing the clique of fighting aggressively to defend you in a court of law, Attorney Young Kim adamantly adheres to the principles and attributes listed in the checklist mentioned above. With the proper focus in preparing for each and every case, each of Young Kim’s client will know that they will receive the best possible representation in a criminal court of law.

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