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Attorney Young Kim pays attention to the details, aspires to do obtain the best legal representation possible, and will thoroughly and competently represent you throughout the entire legal process. Whether you’re facing a criminal defense charge or need a lawyer to probate a will, you can rely on Attorney Young Kim to do the job.

Probate Administration Lawyer

I can help you through the often complex and time-consuming process of probate administration. Probate often involves validating a will, inventorying property, distributing property, paying of creditors, newspaper publications and other tasks. I will quickly and diligently work to complete your lengthy process of probate and guiding your family through this tough time.

Criminal Defense

Finding Your Attorney

Have you conducted a google search for a criminal defense attorney? And once your search has completed its query, you end up obtaining hundreds of criminal defense attorneys. So how on earth do you whittle down your search to find just the right criminal defense attorney for you?
    Here’s a checklist where you can start. You should ask yourself these questions: does your criminal defense attorney:
  • possess strong negotiation skills;
  • possess strong presentation and oratory skills;
  • charge you a reasonable fees to handle your matter;
  • provide you with frank and honest legal opinions regarding your case;
  • pay close attention to details of your case;
  • motivated to provide you with the best possible legal representation;
  • possess a good working knowledge of the law; and
  • posses a long history of experience?
A high score in each of these areas is a good indication that you found the right attorney to handle your criminal defense matter. Attorney Young Kim scores pretty high in many of these areas. Rather than advocating the mundane clique of fighting aggressively to defend you in a court of law, Attorney Young Kim spends extra time and care on each and every case he handles.

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